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PPP Management: Our Services


We offer a range of services to our clients, delivering exceptional results in Commercial Management and GDPR Consultancy & Compliance.


Commercial Management


With a proven record in helping organisations with their procurement and contract strategy functions we can help you to develop procurement and contract management capabilities that best aligns with your objectives and delivers the optimum financial results.

We recognise that Procurement Transformation is a bespoke activity and we work in conjunction your teams and stakeholders to ensure that strategy is developed that is right for you and your circumstances and that transformation is delivered cognisant of capabilities, culture and business case.  

Highly experienced in both regulated and non-regulated procurement we can help deliver your procurement requirements in the most effective manner, recognising all legal requirements.  Experienced in agile methodology and contracting in agile ways we will deliver the best procurement outcomes possible for you.

PPP Management can deliver exacting supplier relationship management methodologies to help deliver not only better relationships but also greater commercial outcomes, better risk management and a roadmap for innovation.

GDPR Consultancy & Compliance

We help clients deliver GDPR and data processing compliance.  Working across public and private sector we have a strong track record in helping organisations establish compliant processes that are appropriate to the organisation.  Our services include:

  • Data compliance audits: desktop or on-site.

  • Data Processing recording.

  • Colleague Training.

In addition to our advisory service we can assist in processing and fulfilling the requirements of Subject Access Requests and help with data breaches.

We can provide clients with a certified Data Protection Officer to meet any short, medium or long-term requirements.

Whatever your requirements we will deliver the best compliance outcomes possible for you.

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